Sareba & Mufasa

Sareba is my very first female Balinese girl from Koby and Valla. She is first generation balinese and has the typical laid back loving personality of the 'Balas' as I call them. We've nicknamed her 'Princess' because she's so beautiful and walks so gracefully.   

She started labor on my lap 💋and had five kittens very easily. A very laid back mother but protective of them as well, she's proven herself a natural. 

As well as being hypo-allergenic as a Balinese, Sareba has also shown a resistance to communicable diseases such as herpes and corona virus. We, unfortunately had an outbreak of herpes cat flu, after vaccinations. Whilst the vaccine was recalled following my report to the retailer, I was left quite devastated for some time. However, Sabina was one of the few kittens that showed no signs of having caught the infection and she has remained healthy. Her kittens are also healthy and robust except for the inevitable runt, which I will not be selling. 

There is one boy and three girls available.

I will be selling these kittens intact because I believe common sense would indicate the need for hormones more important than protecting my breeding line, plus I want to promote a breed resistant to disease. 

If you are interested, please contact me on 0409 950 628.