Loki & Ra's Photo Album

Loki and Ra are twin flame point boys with deep blue eyes. Parents are Chella and Wasabi.

Thank you so much John and Robyn for the great photos!

"Hello Tracey

The boys are doing well they have organised the house to how they like it we have a debate as to getting onto the benches especially when I'm cooking (the spray bottle of water no longer works)  but I'm determined to win  everyone that comes to the house can't get over how friendly  they are and how they love everyone Loki especially loves my youngest grandson and it's funny watching him sit beside jack on the floor waiting to see what  he will play with next and join in.

They both live up to their names Loki is into everything and is very determand  while Ra is more gentle  but looks for Loki I am so glad we got both boys we love them  dearly The last litter of kittens looked adorable my son is sad that you don't have orientals  as although he loves the boys he prefers orientals I will send you more photos as the boys grow as their colourings is becoming more pronounced They are really pretty cats