There are four patterns that appear as the consequence of the various colour genes within Leo, Chella and Ava. There's plenty of detailed information on the internet for all nerds out there involving various dominant and recessive...anyway, go google.

Basic terms : Points = face, ears, feet, tail, back.  Solid = no contrasting points.   Mink = moderately contrasting points.   Tortie = Mixed contrasting points.





Natural or Seal Minks

Natural Minks  ..typically low contrast points and green eyes...all in browns and blacks that deepen and spread with maturity.

Chocolate Points

Chocolate Points.. Cream to white coat, chocolate points, blue eyes. Simple.

Red Point Males

Red Point Boys...white to creamy coat and apricot coloured points. Blue eyes. Always boys because the red gene is carried on the male Y chromosome.

Tortie Point Females.

Tortie Point Girls..  Mixed coat of chocolate , cream and red. Points deeper version of coat. Colours become more contrasting with maturity creating quite a stunning coat. Eyes green. Always girls..something to do with the X chromosome.