Judy and Rob's family.

Quincy was one of Ava's first litter. He was quick to settle in at his beautiful new home in the hills of King Lake where the black saturday fires had previously ravaged. We went to visit this beautiful place and found a wonderland of exotic plants and regrowth. His new family are Judy and Rob, a gorgeous whippet, another tonkinese and a bunch of wild-life !

Lily was born 14th October 2013.
They are siblings from two different litters of AVA's and Leo.
"Hi Tracey, Judy LOVES the kitten, he has settled in so quickly and we haven't laughed so much for a long time- forgot how much fun they can be. Here are some photos- if you look closely you will see the kitten's first adventure with a king-parrot.And where he will play.
Hope you had a nice Xmas day.   Regards Rob"

Three besties having a nap. Chino sleeps with the big kids now and is so much fun. He loves helping me in the garden and has figured out how to get back to the house . Has met Callan's dogs and is unfazed and plays with them . Loves climbing trees and hunting butterflies. Not birds though ! He's very intrigued with the gang gang cockatoos who completely ignore him while they eat the berries. If I lose him in the garden (he has good camouflage) I listen for the birds twittering in alarm . Loving him so much , thank you. Xxx Judyxxxx


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