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Tonkinese Colours and Patterns

Great site for learning about your kittens colouring:

Breeding Pedigree Tonkinese.

I am a registered breeder but my kittens are not pedigreed or registered with any cat organisation. I prefer to provide affordable and beautiful, affectionate kittens. If you are interested in showing cats to win awards you'll need to purchase a pedigreed female from a registered breeder as I did with Leo and Sammi. If that interests you go to :


Over-vaccination is a useful source of information for learning how to care for cats and knowing for yourself how to protect your cat and family from any harmful agents it may carry. Article: Vaccines for Cats: We Need To Stop Over-vaccinating 


ABC Article: Vets Accused of Over-vaccinating Pets

Caring for your new kitten...

What has your kitten been used to ?

He or she has been one of many kittens, two parents and an aunt. They have been handled in a gentle manner by numerous humans since they were a few days old.

~ they trust humans because they have never been hurt by one.

~ humans are large but gentle creatures with hands and fingers that are very playful and gentle and know where to scratch …and they smell good.

~ humans feed them and the litter tray is usually clean.

~ good to eat are raw chicken neck, mince either pet mince or occasional tinned mince. Quality dry food for kittens. Occasional red offal.

~ to sleep in a warm comfy bed…. never alone.

~ water to drink, clean.

~ litter tray of recycled paper, kept clean every day. One litter tray kept in open door shower recess or bathroom area as permits, the other always kept in the laundry.

~ playing outside in vegetation, climbing stairs and jumping great heights. Chasing rabbits, and being chased by rabbits. Sometimes a few car drives.

~ MOST IMPORTANT. Being allowed a certain respect for freedom of movement within safe boundaries. This means a balance between giving affection and allowing freedom that you should learn and teach your children if applicable..

  1. 1.   Do …pick up the kitten gently, cuddle and talk for a minute, then place the kitten back down from where you took it. If it comes back to you rather than running off, you have the kitten’s permission to pick it up again and continue what you were doing. Don’t… chase the kitten or in any way make it frightened of you, even if your intentions are good.
  2. 2.   Do…often play gently with the kitten as this is important bonding. Don’t…allow the kitten to get to the point of skin damage for you. Ignore the kitten immediately for a decent period of time if this happens.
  3. 3.   Do… allow the kitten to go free when cuddling, if it indicates it wants to. This is showing them respect.  Don’t … force the kitten into an enclosed space whether it be your arms or a small empty room.
  4. 4.   Do… be aware that sometimes these cats can manipulate you without you being aware of it for quite some time. Remember they're trying to communicate with you as best they can and go with it.

Feline reproduction and other things.