Photo Album

Leo was born 21st September 2009.
He is a natural mink pedigree Tonkinese. (see colour chart).
Tonkinese are originally from the mating of siamese and burmese. 
Their characteristics combine what some would say to be the best of both breeds.
They are playful and adventurous, not usually afraid of anything in particular, love to explore, love to play fetch and also love to cuddle. 

He is an extraordinary cat. ..not too different from males of the human kind either.
When his first litter was born he was very much the hands on kinda dad, cleaning and licking the kittens and helping to keep them warm. But, as more litters arrived he quickly became bored with the whole thing and now mostly stands back and lets the girls do the lot !
His favourite spot is on my left shoulder where he coos and kisses me frequently. He is a very strong, muscle bound boy with an enormous voice and when he comes inside he's always greeted with two lovely girls who seem to think he's God incarnate. But really he's just a very cuddly fellow that loves to have his tummy rubbed and to go for car rides.  He likes my truck best of all. ..oh and I won't mention those cute furry marbles or my friends would totally freak out.  🙂