Kitten vs bowl.

Kitten massage.

Little Lilac point boy.

Lily orders her dinner !

What a voice !
See more of Lily on Quincy & Lily's page. Big thanks to Judy and Rob for sending me this. Priceless.

Ferocious Teddy !

..loves his toy but gets tricked out of it..check him out. So funny !

Play fight.

Kittens are now 8 weeks old and very playful and active. They are constantly play fighting and wrestling and especially love a human hand that tickles their tummy. In fact they are quite different from their human counterparts in age. Gaining agility very quickly, they spend an increasing amount of time exercising vigorously, while our children learn to use laptops and video games. They have now had their first vaccinations.

This is the age with highest rating for 'cuteness' and guaranteed to get the soft hearted teary.

At this age they've begun waking briskly to my voice and beginning to venture out of their safety zones. Both Mum's equally disapprove and agree they're far too young to be venturing. Kittens are quickly brought back to the nest by the scruff.

Leo and ten day old kitten

Yeah..this is Leo getting cosy with a kitten.