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Welcome to Leospride where you can view lot's of photos, videos and information and cats and kittens of the oriental persuasion.

I no longer breed as the laws have changed so that one must be a registered breeder now. Since I preferred to breed a mix of orientals to provide beautiful and unusual colours and coats and personalities, being registered as a breeder was going to make that quite difficult. 

My views about early neutering and repeated vaccinations (over-vaccinating) also clashed with registered breeders.

Apologies to all those that have contacted me recently regarding more kittens.





  • Lola and Larry

    Favourite photos of our feline family. Balinese beauties that I often babysit.

  • Mufasa & Jetson

  • Sammi

    This handsome fellow is about 3 years old. He's an oriental brown pedigree that I purchased as a kitten. However unlike my other cats, he doesn't like feline company at all and has been quite the trouble maker. With deep regret he is available for rehoming. Given his nature however he must be the only cat in the home. He loves people and will warm to his new owner quite easily. Contact me for details :0409950628

Kittens playing on my leg.

Mufasa and Sammi....my boys.

Get to know the Balinese..

Cosmo and Zany the whippet

Rest in peace Cosmo. Loved by Judy, Rob, Quincy and Zany.

Cheeky Foxy ...

I knew someone was taking the cigarettes..but seriously? Who'd have thought..